Fusion Media Online Marketing Specialists


Local Tradesmen Website and SEO

We recently completed this website for a local tradesman in Lancashire, we have also completed a successful SEO project.

Local Mobile Catering Company

We recently developed, built and designed a sophisticated and interactive website for a local catering company. It has some great bespoke features.

Photography Portfolio Design

This project for a local photographer was all about design and imagery. It really does stand out and it getting the business the photographer wanted. We have received a great testimonial for this work.

Health and Yoga Website

This project involved development, design, content writing, imagery and pay per click optimisation for a local health and yoga fitness centre.

Night Club Website Design

This is a project for a local Night club was designed and built to stand out. The project also involves social media marketing and email marketing.

Local Spa and Salon

This project involves website development, website deisgn, social media marketing and local SEO. It has proven to be a big hit. The client is very happy.

Interior Design and Interactive Website

We are so proud of creating this amazing interior designer website with interactiveness, imagery and SEO in mind. Our client is very pleased with our work.

Local Children Support Group

We helped this local support group develop and design a website that really reflects the great work they do in the community. We couldnt be happier with our great work and it has proven to be a success.

Local Print Marketing Website

We helped a local offline print marketing company who are a partner of ours get online. They provide a wide range of great, high quality print marketing for clients in the North UK. We developed and designed a great and stunning website that is manageable via a CMS.