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About Us

Fusion New Media may sound like we are new to the industry but we have been operating within the industry for over 10 years. Our team of local specialists have a combined experience of over 30 years within the online marketing industry. We specialise in website design, marketing promotion, search engine optimisation, e-commerce and database integration, email marketing, pay per click (Adwords) management, social media marketing and conversion rate optimisation. We have solutions to suit every business large or small. We are working and have worked on numerous projects types from multi location seo, pay per click optimisation, large e-commerce shops, very large email marketing campaign (20,000+ recipients) and more... We know it can be difficult to choose the right marketing and media agency for you. We make it simple, we remain up front and keep everything straight forward. We have years of customer testimonials, reviews and statistics to show the great work we have done and continue to do.
When it comes to any online marketing campaign we can help and really achieve the return on investment you envisage. We have a raft of testimonials, statistics and reviews spanning over ten years from clients based across the UK, operating in various industries. For more information about our great services simply give us a quick call or fill in our contact form.

Local and Trusted

We have worked with numerous local companies and businesses in Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire and the Midlands who operate in various industries. We have completed a myriad of projects including a combination of website development, cms development, website design, e-commerce development, e-commmerce design, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing and pay per click management. We work with businesses large and small, we can develop any project to suit your budget and goals. For more information just simply give us a quick call or fill in our contact form.

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  • Our Vision We are specialists in providing high quality successful online marketing campaigns. We have years of testimonials, reviews and stats to back this up.
  • Website Design We have designed numerous websites for clients all over the UK, operating in various industries!
  • SEO We are experts when it comes down to seo. Unlike most, we get the rankings we say we will. We have testimonials and statistics to prove it! Read More