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What is a link? How do I get links? What is a quality Link? How do I get a high quality link? A link is a hyperlink from website to another promoting (recommending) the site it is linking to. Links can be bought (low quality), links can be asked for (generally low quality) and links can be given (high quality). In the past many so called link building experts and SEO agencies focussed on Quantity over Quality in terms of building links, they generally would buy in bulk or request in bulk (please note this is potentially harmful to any website). All our link building services have been and still are designed, developed and implemented with safety (White Hat SEO) in mind. We have never and still do not implement any type of link building strategy that may be deemed harmful in the future.
We provide very high quality link building services that are not only Quality over Quantity focussed but also relevant to the industry you are operating in. By doing this it complies with the search engines quality policies and our clients reap the benefits of SEO rankings and increased traffic streams.
We are the experts when it comes to link building and can provide a myriad of strategies to suit a websites potential. We have been generating and implementing link building services for over 10 years and we are proud to promote that not 1 of our clients has been affected in any way by an search engine penalties that have been implemented.
Bad Link Building Recovery
Many online businesses in the UK have recently found themselves in a very large predicament, due to the changes in search engines such as Goggle, they received website penalties due to poor SEO agencies carrying our sloppy and dangerous link building strategies in the past. We offer a service to help recover any website from a Google penalty. As you can tell we know what we are talking about when it comes to link building, so many businesses have turned to us when it has all gone bad by another agency.
Whether you are a builder, engineer, accountant, retailer, plumber, solicitor, mechanic, electrician, manufacturer, supplier or estate agent, we can provide a link building solution for you. For more information about our local link building services please give us a quick call or fill in out contact form.